Medical School Interview – Prepare Yourself To Face The Curve Ball

Are you fortunate enough to have an upcoming interview for medical school? If you have taken the big step and applied for admissions, there are some things that you can do to properly prepare yourself and put yourself ahead of your competitors.
The best way to prepare for a medical school interview is to practice with someone and do mock interviews. Get a list of typical interview questions and have your mentor ask questions. First, start off with the easy ones to get used to be interviewed. At the same time, have the interviewer observe your gestures and body language. These are all things you want to work on, before you enter the interview room. Interviewers will scrutinize you, while you want to do your best and sound as professional as you can. Once you feel comfortable answering questions, have your mentor ask difficult questions and to put pressure on you as you speak. During certain medical school interviews, interviewers will intentionally ask questions that will make you feel uncomfortable. The point is to see how well you can perform under stress.
These are just tiny fractions of tension you are going to feel inside the interview room. The secret to success in medical school interviews is to prepare for them, practice for them, keep answers brief and to the point, and be prepared for the curve ball.